Michael Kors

  1. What does everyone think of this brand?? I really don't see much about it on here. I saw a really cute smaller black purse, with matching wallet for 50% off both. It would have been only $150, for the purse and wallet.
  2. I love Michael Kors, I have a black hobo, a brown hobo and a black clutch. I've had the black hobo for about 10 months and carried it on a daily basis for about 8 of those, it has held up really well.
  3. I like Michael Kors. The quality is really nice and for a decent price.
  4. I'm going to probably kick myself for not buying the set. LOL! The price was certainly right for the both of them. It was at lord and taylor.
  5. Kinda on the fence to be honest. Looks great in catalogues but when I see it IRL I'm a little underwhelmed. Quality looks good but I'm not sure if it works for me.
  6. See, that's how I sort of feel. My DH works corporately in the apparel industry, and I asked him what he thought of it, and he said that they are designer, and they were pretty nice. I just really liked that purse and wallet. LOL! (but I'm saving for my LV speedy.)
  7. i love the michael kors bags....not as thrilled with michael by michael kors...the leather is amazing and the customer service is great at the stores...i also love love love the hardware!
  8. What is the difference by michael by michael kors, and just michael kors? (Sorry to be so nieve, but I really don't know this brand)
  9. you're not naive at all!!! i'm still learning a lot on this forum as well! my understanding is that M by MK is his more affordable line and that the michael kors bags are the "premium" line...
    btw? your family is adorable!!!!
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    Aww! Thanks so much! You're sweet! (on both ends!);)
    So then what I saw at Lord and Taylor would be what? Michael by Michael Kors? The original price was $280 for the purse and the wallet was like $150~ish...
  11. Yes, that would have been M by MK, which I love as well as his premium line.
  12. Okay, understood now! LOL, Thanks! I love the signature like with the MK's. And I found a few in TJ Max/Marshalls home goods store. for only $100, orig. $280~ish. I think that this will be my next designer to check out. LOL
  13. :happydance:Honestly, I am not a fan of MK, I think that some of his designs are so-so. I would not buy anything from him unless there was a tremedous sale going on. I bought a M by Mk bag for $32.00 once at Marshalls, but didn't keep it long. I probably won't buy another one of his bags. I would rather buy M by MJ bag, I find Marc more creative in his designs than MK.
  14. Michael Kors is rather nifty. Can't say it's my favourite, but it's not too bad. I do like some bags and shoes. And I like that the products aren't too outrageous looking like some other brands I'm not going to mention.
  15. I love MK bags, very good quality at an affordable price.