Michael kors watches

summer 71

Aug 9, 2007
i don't own any but i am eyeing one in gold tone. My question is that does the gold tone plating wear off quickly. Thanks.
I have several MK watches and in my experience the gold tone does not come off quickly. I'm talking 5-6 years I've had some of these. There is a little fading on the inside of the band from where it comes into contact with my wrist, but you don't even really see that from the outside. :smile:


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Jun 18, 2017
I am man who currently has a MK5557 watch. I do have a womens watch fetish.

The ceramic tortise shell band is holding up pretty well considering I bought it used. The only problem with the watch was the face has 2 minor scractches. I went to fast n fix in my local mall and paid around 90 dollars to get a new lifetime battery and around 24 dollars to have them add links. I would recomend fast n fix if you have the money other wise i would go to a mk store but i couldn't since i live 2 ho\ours away from one. Fast n Fix is exspensive but fast they do a great job in a short amount of time.
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Aug 4, 2011
I have a collection of MK watches (think 10+) and I have noticed they are more prone to scratches than fading...all finishes.


Jun 19, 2017
As far as I know, the worst metal for colour loss is rose gold. I haven't heard gold or silver tarnishing too quickly. Avoid chemicals on the watch and on/around the skin the watch is worn (so things like perfumes, harsh lotions, fake tan) and you should be good.

Kelly M

Aug 1, 2016
Image.png My bff has had her rose gold Parker watch for going on 4 years now, and there is the most minimal wear on the bottom of the watch where the wrist rubs against surfaces. I'm a perfectionist, so that kind of thing would drive me nuts! But it's so minimal that I wouldn't mind :smile: I've borrowed it on a few occasions ;)

I've had my SS Cooper watch for almost a year and it only has a few scratches on the bottom part. That's just a natural part of watches aging, I guess! Can't really comment on the color rubbing off since I'm pretty sure it's solid SS and not plated at all :tup: