Michael Kors watch

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  1. Can you help me understand recently why Michael Kors watches are so popular, is because the style? These days I find myself being interested in Michael Kors watch as well, although ultimately I want to get a Cartier. Now because of huge difference of these two brands watches, I am not sure which one to get first?

    I love Michael Kors' chucky style, but of course if I want to get chuncky Cartier watch the price will be much higher.

    Any your opinion? Thanks
  2. I mean they have huge price difference of these two brands, so which one I should get first?
  3. There is a big price difference, as you pointed out. I have a rectangular face Michael Kors watch that I wear every day and I love it. I think I might be tempted to wear a Cartier only for special events because I'd be nervous about wearing such an expensive watch every day. That's just me, I'm not very graceful :smile: