Michael kors vs louis vuitton

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  1. What are your thoughts between leather mk or the canvas LV ? quality wise NOT which brand has been out longer
  2. I have quite a few MK leather handbags and the leather is great. Really durable too. Nice and soft. No complaints. They have some great structured leathers too.

    I have a few LV coated canvas pieces and they are great too. The monogram canvas is thick and sturdy. Vachetta is a PITA though. The Damier Ebene is great but the canvas is smooshier and not as thick as the monogram canvas.

    Both are great but price wise, MK wins hands down. LV is more prestigious but costs way more than its worth IMO.
  3. Thanks so much! I don't have a LV am planning to buy one but I feel like your just paying for the name ? Get me, it's canvas nothing compared to real leather but there this thought that I NEED one maybe am just crazy lol
  4. At a certain point with all designer handbags and goods you are paying for a name. LV and MK both make great bags, I think LV gets a slight leg up in terms of quality, but it really comes down to which mono you prefer to be seen wearing and how much you're willing to pay for it!
  5. I own both and please don't use a baby wipe to clean a leather Kors...I learned the hard way. Lol I think Kors Michael line is a good investment beautiful bags. I haven't had any quality issues and I own a few.

  6. I dot have kids I just feel like I NEED a LV just because its a luxury brand is that too bad ?
  7. Not at all!! thats how I justify my purchases. lol Plus I work hard and I feel Im worth the investment! :biggrin: lol
  8. Haha ! Thank god :sad: but family thinks am crazzzzyyy for wanting an 800$ purse! I do think though its just canvas not real leather like michael kors and its less then half the price I would pay for a LV , but when I see it on someone I feel like I NEED it
  9. I bought an Artsy MM, Delightful GM, and 2 luggage tags at the same time and I have no regrets. I've been stalking them for over a year and it was either buy now or shut up about it. lol The prices will only go up and if I continued to wait, I would have been priced out, sooooo...I said now or never and 2 weeks ago I did it! This is the best time to make reckless purchases while young and "single". Look at it as an investment- an heirloom. :giggles:
  10. Very true and since prices go up you can always sell for almost the price you bought it for so I feel like its a win win (:
  11. Well I have to say I have both tho my LV is an older model so the canvas is better quality imo compared to what they are handing out now...

    that being said I have a top zip tote (mks version of the totally) and although I haven't really handled a totally I think its a perfect bag and very comparable at a fraction of the price.

    I bought the MK bag(my first) while in vegas this past summer and used it for about 2 weeks straight. I tossed it on the floor of the car an the plane when I cam home.. the bag is amazing. It cost me 179$ plus tax so i'm not worrying about the bag.

    I think its going to hold up just as good and the LV but we will see.
    I see it as, totally is mass produced. Its not an exclusive bag. Its coat canvas not LEATHER.. MK tote is coated canvas, and mass produced... so do the math! What does the totally have that the mk bag doesn't? No one will convince me the totally is a better bag and will last longer when used under the same conditions.
  12. GIRL!!! You're my hero! LOL :woohoo:

    ITA. I have both and love both!

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    MK, for the price point, you can't go wrong. True workhorse bags, and you don't have to baby the leather like the LV mono w/vachetta.

    Some of my fave's are


    I have it in brown. It's a Macy's exclusive. I've used this bag so much and it looks brand spanking new!

    I also love this tote


    Great knock-around bag. "Throw my kids stuff in and go" bag. Great for shopping trips too.

    We get a lot of rain and snow here so, sadly, my mono LV's don't get out as much as I like. I do keep a plastic bag in the inside zip pocket for emergencies though.

    Let us know what you decide ;)
  14. I wish the purses I wanted were $800... my parents would probably have a heart attack if they knew of the ones $1000 and up that I've been eyeing...lmao! Problems in lifeee!
  15. I laughed so hard at your comment!! You are so funny and I love it!! hahahaha!