Michael Kors Sutton Patent Clutch

  1. Everytime i browse through Scoop, i find myself being drawn to this clutch - involuntarily. am i the only one who adores it? i actually also love it in the yellow! lol what do you guys think? yea or nay?


    and in yellow:
    okay honestly
    this picture does not do the clutch any justice lol
    it looks soooooooooo much better in person

    i actually really love the buckle the most - its so smooth.

    does anyone know where i can get this for cheaper??? no sales so far i dont think.
  2. In black it looks like a leprechaun's belt. If you bought it the yellow would be a better choice, in my opinion.
  3. I like it! It's fun...but still classic. I like the black.
  4. I think it's really cute in either color - in spite of the leprechaun's belt buckle. Did you check deals and steals to see if there is a coupon? (You know, it could also be a pilgrim's buckle. So, it could be worn for St. Patty's day and Thanksgiving. ):p
  5. :biggrin: Too true lol. And my comment wasn't meant to be insulting, so I hope it wasn't.
  6. I like the yellow.
  7. love it in any color!
  8. LOL i see it now!! i didnt think of that! hahhaha.. ok i dont like it as much as i did before =X