Michael Kors Sunnies - Which do you have and which are your faves???

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  1. I LOVE Michael Kors sunnies!!!! I have THREE pairs!!! My favorites are the Taos. I have them in black and wear them almost every day! I get TONS of compliments on them! Would love to hear from others who own or are planning to own MK sunnies!!!!
  2. :useless:
    We Need Pics!!
    Let's see those MK Sunnies girls!
  3. photobucket isnt working for me!!!! I want to post my Taos!!!! Help!!!
  4. [​IMG]

    Here are my Taos in black....I LOVE LOVE LOVE these sunnies!!!! Will try to take pics of my other two.....anyone else an MK sunnies junkie????!!!! :graucho: