Michael Kors shoes

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  1. I'm really not a shoe person, so this might seem like a dumb question:shame: ..... What's your opinion on the quality of Michael Kors shoes? I just bought two pairs at DSW today. One pair was on sale for 40% off, the other pair I paid full price. One is a wedge sandal and the other is a sandal with a high heel. I really liked the way they looked and more importantly they seemed to be comfortable. I usually have a problem finding shoes in my size and that are comfortable. I'm a size 5-1/2 or sometimes I can get away with a 6. I can post pics later on in the week because the DH has the camera. I was just curious what you shoe afficianados think about Michael Kors.
  2. Well I am far from a shoe afficianado but I have splurged this summer on several pairs of designer shoes--3 pair of which are Michael Kors. I love them soooo much! I've always had a difficult time finding comfy shoes-that's important to me-and the Michael Kors are really comfy. I got 3 different wedge type sandals. Like I said I'm not too much of a shoe person but I am hooked on these:love:
  3. Hi Kat, I have several pairs of Michael Kors shoes and the quality is great. I find them more comfortable than most other brands!
  4. Thanks for the feedback ladies.