Michael Kors Saratoga experts?

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  1. Hi all, I'm embarrassed to say I joined TPF b/c I recieved a horrible MK knockoff from Ebay. ( I also picked a stupid screen name coz I was in a hurry :smile: I had NO idea MK was counterfeited at all. Looks like it hit Ebay so I want to put the word out to be careful.

    I have been carrying the Saratoga satchel for everyday since it came out and wanted a black one. What I ended up with was wrong in so many ways- Wrong logo, (not MK but Michael Kors in small letters) wrong bright gold finish on the hardware, single outside zipper instead of double, wrong single zipper pull on inside pocket, plain sewn bottom (no criss-crossed leather straps) shorter, plain handles as opposed to the quadruple stiched shaped handles, two attached leather points instead of four, cheaper stiff leather, slightly smaller size..on and on. The bag contained tags that looked exactly like the ones in my authentic bag and the seller claimed authenticity, even offering double money back if not.

    Here is the correct bag :

    Her pictures were indistinct enough that I didn't notice the one obvious, the side leather only attaches to a single strap. Can't see the logo well enough, and the handles sort of look okay although they are just a single (uncomfortable!) piece of leather. Why I didn't notice the screwed up bottom is beyond me, I feel like an idiot!



    I wrote and explained the problems, she said she didn't know, bought it from Ebay herself. I returned the purse and am waiting for a refund. I hope she follows thru, I'm even not asking for the double refund, she ought to jump to it today or tommorrow! One question: why do some MK bags have the full Michael Kors name stamped instead of MK? Is there a lesser line or something? If so, did they make a cheaper version of their own bag? TIA!
  2. I think they look very similar. I think I would have any expensive bags authenticated on the forum. They seem very helpful and may prevent any future problems.
  3. I am in love with this bag and trying to find a real one!
  4. To answer your last question:
    The outlet bags normally have the full name inside the bags. They are also made a little differently as well.....
  5. I've looked! I think this exact bag is just older (2007? 2008?) so I haven't been able to find online anywhere! I'm so bummed! I love this bag!!! Any suggestions?