Michael Kors runway bags - thoughts..

  1. I saw Michael Kors handbags at Nordies (not to be confused with MK line, which are much cheaper) and the bags run $995 and higher, up to $2500. Well, some are kinda cute and I was appalled to check the inside tag and see that they are made in China. Do you guys think that's someone will pay the premium price for that? I seems to me that they are priced extremely high...
  2. Wow! I'm surprised they are made in China and cost so much money. I have seen them on sale, but I am not attracted to his brand of handbags at all...not sure why, but I'm sure he has loyal followers willing to pay a high price for his bags. Not me!
  3. Well, that could be the reason why I saw at my local loehmans the same bags that are at the Michael Kors' store at the mall....for waaay cheaper.
  4. If you have the time and want something fun to do, try checking the tags of most designer bags.......all from China.....you will be amazed.....Coach.....Dooney....and Kooba, to name a few others.
  5. I just bought a Michael Kors bag at Corsa Collections in Las Vegas. They have a few half off. The Woven tote in dark brown and the Drawstring satchel in luggage brown color, both retail for 995, now half price. I didn't look to see if they were made in China, though. (702) 733-9442 ask for Jennifer or Natalie, they know their stuff and will let you know when a brand goes on sale. I check in with them regularly...I can't help it! I looooooove handbags!
  6. I think Michael Kors bags are cute enough. They're sporty and fun. But I just wouldn't pay premium. I have only one, the Collegiate, that I got waaay on sale. But wouldnt pay $2000 or even $1000 for it.
  7. I thought they were made in US?
  8. Coach, I know, is made in China, it also costs a fraction of the price of Kors bags. My point is that Kors charges a price that famous brands made in Italy and France charge. Neither Coach, nor Dooney nor Kooba for that matter are as expensive as these new Kors bags.
  9. I only buy the cheaper line of his bags, which @ the price I've gotten them for, is fine with me that they are made in China.

    But I would NOT buy a high end bag ($500+) that was made in China. Not worth it quality wise for me. Which was why I returned my L.A.M.B bag a few months ago.