michael kors rehearsal hobo

  1. hi all!
    my bag shopping is done for a year (FINALLY, i found everything i needed/wanted!)...i can't find a picture of it anywhere online but i got the michael kors rehearsal hobo in coffee for 795.00...it looks like a small bag, but, it fits TONS...i got my pda, keys, phone, makeup bag, wallet and a few other things in it and it didn't look stuffed at all! it's about 13x7x1.5...i wish i could find a picture of it to show you...
    so, my final bags for the year are: hayden harnett salina in amethyst, michael kors hobo in coffee, andrew marc in dark brown (forgot name of bag) and coach ergo in red patent leather...
    just wanted to share! thanks for listening!!!!
  2. wow - congrats! I love the rehearsal style, although I haven't seen it as a hobo, just as a satchel. coffee-coloured is great - I am looking for a nice brown bag at the moment. I am a fan of MK's skorpios shopper but it is very red-brown and I already have 2 bags like that. we will see..
  3. lara, the coffee color is gorgeous...a very, very rich brown...i'd recommend taking a look at it!