Michael Kors Rehearsal Drawstring Tote?

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  1. I've never seen it IRL, but it is quite nice looking in the picture and the price is good.

    Are you thinking of ordering it?
  2. For that price, you could get a much nicer bag IMO.
  3. ya... i probably will end up getting it cuz i have no self control...and the price is so good...i posted it in the deals and steals forum...its about 66% off after you apply all the coupon codes!!
  4. It ends up being around $430 I think
  5. Deleted post- found answer in Deals and Steals.
  6. Nice shape and color. Seems a bit pricey, though. :sweatdrop:
  7. Oh I saw that at Norstroms but it was the bowling bag one and it was the only bag I wanted but at a $1000 on sale it was still too pricey for me but sooo nice.
  8. Yeah it's really cute! but for the price i'd much rather get a chanel lols