Michael Kors Question

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  1. I seem to have fallen into this line from this forum.....there is a Michale Kors outlet in out Prime Mall does it carry bags also or just clothing etc.
  2. ^^ YaY! We need our own group .. LOL!
  3. Yes. It's frustrating. We need a group!
  4. ^^ Done! :smile:
  5. yeah when is a michael kors group going to be started?
  6. When he apologizes to whoever he obviously ticked off around here. :lolots:

  7. Thats way to funny....I appreciate all the threads and the info. I was really clueless about the brand my wallet does not thank you......just one more question do you buy Michael Kors or Michael Michael Kors (I think) or both

  8. LMAO!!! That IS funny!

    BTW I can't believe all the MK threads clogging up this subforum. Haha ;)

    Annie, I have both MK and MMK. And I love them both equally.
  9. The outlet sells bags... lots of bags. More so than clothes.

    Most are "special" bags made for the outlet tho.
  10. :lolots::lolots::lolots:

    I WISH we had an MK forum!!!!!!!!! Keep adding more threads and keep bumping up the ones we have!!!! maybe one day we will get our wish!!!!!!!!!!
  11. Please give us a forum!
  12. Pretty please!!!!!!!!!!!???????????????
  13. With sugar on top? :flowers: