Michael Kors Question

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  1. OK, so I've decided to get the Michael Kors Palm Beach Satchel. I really :love: the Ocean color but probably will go with the natural. I like to get as many of miles out of my bags as possible. But the Ocean is ohhh soooo yummy. Oh yeah, I have another dilemma to share, sorry I easily get sidetracked when I'm lusting a new bag :nuts:

    So, here's the dilema... I live in the middle of nowhere and nearly always order my bags on line. I am pretty good at spotting a fake. I am having trouble with this bag though. I've seen it with one handle and with two. Nordstroms had it with two handles and Zappos has it with only one. Which one should I trust, or does Palm Beach bag come both ways? I am soooo frustrated and I am hoping that someone can clear this up for me.
  2. If I am not mistaken, there are two styles. The one on Zappo's is the hobo, the one on Nordstrom is the satchel. Thus, the difference in handles. You don't have to worry about fakes at either place.

    Great bag choice!
  3. I have this one in cognac with the two handles (satchel). It was on sale at Nordstroms (website) - about $164. It's cute! And there are two styles: the satchel and hobo.
  4. Awwwww, thanks ladies. I'm so thankful for your help. I'm going for the satchel. I think I may be obsessed, I printed off pictures of the natural and the ocean and poured over them all last night trying to decide. Ahhh, decisions, decisions, but lovely ones to have to make :biggrin:
  5. I'm really in love with the Ocean color as well.

    There is a really gorgeous one on QVC right now that I am debating over.