Michael Kors outlets

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  1. Do the Michael Kors outlets ship? And does anyone know if they have the Greenwich totes? Tia
  2. I was at the Milton, ON and Niagara outlets recently and no greenwich totes. I was hoping to come across some as well.

  3. Darn thanks
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    Sorry to hijack the thread but does anyone know if they carry Rileys at the outlets?

    Eta: called and asked and they said no, Riley is a "lifestyle" bag and they don't carry those.
  5. To answer OP's question, yes the MK outlets ship. In regards to lifestyle bags they're extremely rare finds at outlets (not saying impossible but near to) and usually get snatched up immediately.
  6. Thanks for the info!
  7. I found a brown suede Greenwich bucket bag at an outlet for $150. I think it had been used and returned from a "lifestyle"(okay, so that's what they call it, huh?) store. I was sooo close to buying it, but didn't know because it's warm weather.

    It was a good thing I didn't get it, I ended up having to get a new flatiron. But, I still think about it.
  8. What are "lifestyle" bags? TIA!
  9. Bags at the regular stores, not at the outlets
  10. Thanks reginaPhalange!

    Are bags at Michael Kors Outlets made for the outlet then? Are all the bags at outlets totally different from retail stores, or are they cheaper versions of full price bags?

  11. The majority of the bags in the MK outlet are "made for outlet." These bags were never sold for the price indicated on the tag- it's a gimmick to make shoppers think they are saving a lot of money. I've never bought a MK outlet bag, so I can't speak to the quality. Every now and then you can find a bag from the MK boutique at the outlet & you can get a good deal on those.
  12. I've bought outlet bags before, I had no issues with the quality. I had bought a Tristan years ago and the leather was great, also bought a small saffiano satchel and still found it to be fine. Don't let the fact that something is an outlet bag deter you from buying it. If you like the bag that's all that matters. I actually prefer the look of the outlet Hamilton to the lock and key one.
  13. As with all things, you have to evaluate each piece. All brands have losers in among their winners...

    I Think the largest issue with 'factory only' bags is the misconceptions surrounding their value..

    I do own 1-pc of factory MK, it's a pouch it seems well made up against my lifestyle?(lol) bags from the boutique.
  14. As people before me mentioned majority of the bags are made for outlet, however they do occasionally get transfers or returns from lifestyle. This is extremely rare as their recent policies state outlet purchases can only be returned to an outlet and same with lifestyle pieces. I've never purchased from outlet (with the exception of one occasion) because the price difference wasn't substantial enough and I was never fond of the outlet styles, which are cheaper versions of some lifestyle bags. The one time I purchased from outlet was because the bag I wanted was transferred from lifestyle to outlet as a markdown.
  15. I have an outlet Florence. It was gift, and a style that I wasn't familiar with, so I have no idea how it differs from the boutique version apart from the lining and lack of key fob. To me, it looks the same from the outside :thinking: The quality of it is great though, it doesn't look or feel as though it was made from substandard material. If you like an outlet version of a bag and it is of good quality, go for it :smile:
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