Michael Kors Outlet

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  1. I just picked up this gorgeous Brookville Shopper in black for $99 at the Michael Kors Outlet store....this is my first MK bag and I LOVE it!

  2. Good deal, I didn't even know MK had an outlet!
  3. It's GREAT! About half is hangbags, the other half is clothing. They had the most gorgeous white drawstring bag behind the counter for over $600.
  4. Me neither, where is it? can you give me the phone number too please? Thank you
  5. It is in Ellenton, Florida at the Prime Outlet Shops. (941)722-5400
  6. There's one at the Premium Outlets in Camarillo, California as well.
  7. There is also one at Woodbury Commons in Central Valley, NY.
  8. There's one in Aurora, IL at the Chicago Premium Outlets.
  9. There's one in the Cabazon, CA outlets too!
  10. They have one in Riverhead NY at the Tanger outlet. I was there yesterday also and they had some great stuff.
  11. I went to the one in Florida in December and it literally had nothing;;;the Jet Set totes were still 298 = reg. price while Bloomies had them on sale for $120.
  12. There's also one in Williamsburg, VA. I got a wonderful bag there this past summer for a great deal.
  13. Wahoo, I live very close to those outlets. You are from Ventura, I see? Awesome, we are tpf neighbors!!
  14. There's an MK outlet in Primm, outside Las Vegas.
  15. We have one in Dallas at the Allen Premium Outlets (north of Plano). Great stuff and good prices.