Michael Kors outlet stores???

  1. i just happen to stop by at the Michael kors outlet store last month and been eye a bag.

    i was wondering if the MK outlet store ever have any additional percent off on top of the outlet prices.

  2. :smile:Just got an awesome bag at MK outlet in NJ. I was ready to pay asking price when the wonderful sales girl told me to get the preferred shopper coupon book. Went to the guest services got it for free (for cable customers otherwise $5.00 still a bargain) In it was a 20% off coupon for MK. I was sooooo happy-I would have bought anyway but this made it sweeter. Ask if they have anything like this.

  3. thanks for the info im going to check out guest services...
  4. does anyone know if the store at the citadel in so. cali have similar coupon/discount offer too? i noticed the coach store there wasn't as generous at the ontario branch...
  5. Are there any michael kors outlet stores in Alberta Canada?
  6. Some will let you use a AAA discount. My friend has even asked the manager for an additional percentage off and she agreed. Doesnt hurt to ask lol
  7. Yup ! There is a Michael kors outlet in Calgary, AB . Although I forgot which mall the outlet was in .. Sorry ):
  8. thanks Googleme for the info. i will try that next time ^__^
  9. Omg...not fair. I don't think we have an outlet here in BC :sad:

    Do Michael Kors outlets carry Hamilton totes?
  10. Cross Iron Mills Mall in Aerdrie, AB. Just about 15min outside Calgary
  11. Are the bags that are in the outlets made for the outlets like Coach has full price and made for the Factory lines?
    I have a MK i purchased from NM LC and the leather is different than on the same style bag at the outlet :thinking:
  12. Yes. Most are. Only some go there from the boutique the did not sell. They even have a similar line to the boutique but not the same line. And yes there is a difference in the made for outlet ones. Same goes for Kate Spade and Coach in case you are wondering.

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  13. I was just at the outlet near me and yes, MK outlets do offer additional % off from time to time. Right now, they have an additional 40% off the clearance section. I think that if you're patient enough, the bag you want will get marked down further.
  14. I just went to the Michael kors outlet in Clinton ct and with my aaa membership I got coupon booklet that gave me 20% off of $250.00. There were also a lot of other great coupons in the booklet. I saved so much :smile: