Michael kors outlet in Chandler, Arizona

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  1. Hello Ladies,
    I will be going to chandler, Arizona on March and I'm looking for MIchael Kors outlet near by.
    I get to know that there is a MK outlet in PHoenix premium outlet. Anyone been there and is the price much cheaper compare to MK store? Where can I get to know more design on MK before visit the outlet?
    I did some research saying here MK outlet do not have online invitation to view it during sale like what Coach outlet did?

    Thank you so much for helping... :smile:
  2. I find the outlets for mk not any cheaper then the full price stores. For example the outlet Hamilton will retail for roughly 30 dollars less then the full price version. Also there is NO legitimate mk outlet site.
  3. Hi,
    Is it these items we see in full price store will be available in outlet as well?
    Since the price is not much cheaper I think I would rather go for full price store.
    I'm not familiar with MK as this is the first time I'm gonna purchase MK.
    Thank you so much for sharing..
  4. usually outlets have there own items. There may be a couple from the full priced store but there s no gaurentee what will be there.
  5. The outlet stores have beautiful bags, but they fall short in my opinion. I found a beautiful Lily bag at the outlet, but it didnt have feet. It also didnt have piping along the hem inside the bag.

    You are better off watching these sales at department stores like a hawk! You can get them for 40 to 50% off and they are the full deal MK.
  6. I agree the outlets aren't much cheaper than the retail stores, although I do think they have a lot of sales, it happened to me and I read where it happened to a few other people, when you get to the register they take more off. Maybe it was a special deal, I only went to one in Myrtle Beach so I don't have that much experience at the MK outlets.