MICHAEL KORS Modeling Pics **Reference Only** no comments/questions

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  1. #1 Aug 4, 2010
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    Please post your modeling pics of your various MICHAEL KORS bags here. Please include as much info as possible (and/or that you're comfortable with), i.e., Style name and your height.

    This thread is for reference only, no comments so that we can collect a "library" of pics for reference. Please PM members you wish to ask a question to or make comments to.
  2. The Hamilton medium satchel in Oasis


  3. [​IMG]
  4. [​IMG]
  5. [​IMG]
  6. This bag has a ton of room inside. Inside I have:
    • Coach Wallet (8 x 4")
    • Coach makeup bag (7 x 4")
    • Coach camera case (I use for small things)
    • MK Sunnies (now I know what what a clamshell is!)
    • iPhone
    • Small Tissue Pack
    and you could squeeze another couple of things in there if you needed to.

    CONCLUSION: go get that Graphite Hamilton!! :biggrin:

  7. Black drawstring Astor

  8. I've got 2 modeling pix of my mini hamilton tote =) I'm 5'3 in height. I use this mainly as a crossbody bag, probably will use it as a handbag for more formal dinners and parties =)


  9. My :love: Michael Kors hamilton in Cement. I have to get it in Graphite.