Michael Kors Leather Jacket

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  1. Hey! Does anyone know where I can find this leather jacket? I found it a few days ago at the outlet but they didn't have my size :sad: I tried looking for it online but im out of luck. Has anyone seen it anywhere or know where I can find it? Also, does anyone know the name of this jacket?

  2. At this very moment it's on the Michael Kors website in a size Medium on sale for $247. If it's gone by the time you see this, keep checking. The inventory on michaelkors.com changes several times a day. It's called the Colorblock Leather Jacket.
  3. They make this in solids such as black and Navy too. Keep checking MK retail website as well as eBay.
  4. ahh thank you! unfortunately, I didn't check back soon enough :/ I hope it goes back on sale soon.
  5. thank you! i'll keep checking.