Michael Kors Large Pocket Satchel...Help

  1. I have been eyeing this bag for a few days...Should I get it or invest my money in another trendier bag? If so which one(s). Thanks.
  2. Do you have a pic?
  3. [​IMG]
    Here it is...
  4. It's cute! I actually own a couple Michael Kors satchels and like them quite a bit, even in comparison to my other high-end bags. So if you really like this one and can see yourself using it a lot, then definitely purchase it.
  5. I really like this bag too! I say go for it. It's better than what I've seen from some of his old stuff
  6. Soi what did you decide? I think it's a great all-season bag that will last through several trend years.
  7. Great looking bag.... Did you go for it?
  8. I like the bag! I have a tourqoise Logo satchel bag from Micheal Kors. I think I paid less than 40 dollars for it. What a deal. I have never seen another one like it. I bought it at a Marshalls in Texas. I knew that this bag had been mis-marked. When I took the bag up to the counter, I mentioned that this was a Micheal Kors, the SA, said who is Micheal Kors!!!! :yahoo: He makes good bags, and some are very reasonable.