Michael Kors Large Hamilton Traveler - Merlot (wine) or Luggage (brown)?

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  1. Opinions, please! I have never been so torn between two colors. Which would go with more? I'm not the type to switch bags depending on my outfit (too much trouble). I wear a lot of black and earth tones. (Please don't suggest a black bag instead as I have a TON of black bags, so wanting something different.) The Merlot will cost me more ($245) as I found it discounted at a large department store. My outlet has the Luggage color for $149. However, both are great prices since this bag retails for $395. Thoughts??
  2. Personally, I think luggage brown goes with more than merlot. I've found merlot to be more of a fall/winter color. I love it, but don't tend to use it as much in the spring/summer months.
  3. I'd go with luggage too, will go with more plus the price is awesome.
  4. Essentially what I'm hearing is you could get both for $394, which is less than the retail price of one! On a serious note, I think the Luggage would be better because it can be worn year round. I had the same decision to make last winter when my sister had her sight set on a Merlot Jet Set Multifunction Tote. I bought the bag for her in Luggage (her second choice) but with the Jet Set Continental Wallet in Merlot. She prefers the Luggage colour because it can be worn in spring/summer but the wallet was a nice touch!
  5. +1 for Luggage
  6. I think the luggage colour could be worn year round, where as merlot I guess is more of a autum/winter colour. But I do love the merlot colour, so personally I'd choose merlot.
    Good luck choosing :smile:.
  7. Thanks, guys! Very helpful points. Now does anyone have any thoughts on the smooth vitello leather vs. the pebbled? This bag was made in both.
  8. The smooth vitello leather is known to scratch easily. If it's between vitello and pebbled, I'd go with pebbled leather.
  9. I just posted pictures of my old Vitello Travelers in the collection thread - I have little experience with MK's pebbled leather except a couple crossbodys but I absolutely loved the look and feel of the Vitello leather.
  10. I have this bag in black vitello leather and love it. You do have to be more careful with it but it is definitely my preference. It feels more luxurious and the smell is divine. I do have some MK pebbled leather bags as well...:smile:
  11. Do you guys find the vitello keeps its structure? I didn't know if it was more prone to slouching than the pebbled. I like smoother leather myself, but only if it's sturdy enough to keep its structured shape.
  12. I feel like both are prone to slouching however the Vitello seems more structured compared to the larger pebbled MK bags I've come across. The pebbled bags I've owned were all small so I never really carried much in them.
  13. I think the structural issue is better determined by how the bag is made rather than the type of leather. The Hamilton Traveler is pretty structured because of how it is constructed. I think it holds its shape whether in vitello or pebbled leather.
  14. Awesome feedback, guys! This helps a LOT. Thanks to everyone for taking the time to comment :smile:
  15. You're welcome! Good luck with your decision and let us know which bag you choose, MK always has beautiful colour options.