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  1. Hi Ladies,

    I'm hoping that I can get your opinions on this watch. I'm not a watch person at all. I do wear jewelry everyday but would like to experiment and change things up a bit. My E-ring and W-ring are yellow gold so I thought a gold watch would be better? I wear silver, white and yellow gold on my other hand (Stack rings, Pandora Bracelet and DY bracelet) and normally wear Yellow and white gold necklaces together. I realize that this is not a high quality watch, but don't want to spend too much $$$ as the is a "Trial" only :biggrin:

    MICHAEL KORS LADIES CHRONOGRAPH GOLD WATCH MK5055 also known as the "Runway" watch at Bloomingdales for $250.00

    Opinions please :sos:
  2. I really like the look of the Kors watches and considered getting one. But I don't like how gold plated watches fade in spots and the silver comes through.

  3. Has anyone experienced any significant fading? If so, how long before it fades?
  4. MK5055 is a nice looking watch. However, it is available at many online stores for less than the $250 retail at Bloomies so you should consider a google search to save some $$. I don't think it will fade anytime soon unless you bang it around a lot. It is stainless steel underneath so it will likely age well. It also got 4-5 stars in most reviews, so it's a good choice.
    Happy shopping! :smile:

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  5. I actually bought the same watch from Overstock a few weeks ago. It's beautiful and BIG! My wrist is small, about 5.5inches around the bony prominence and I'm debating whether it's just TOO big for me. If I remember correctly it was around $18x.xx, and I used a promo code so if you decide to get it you may be able to some some $$$ going that route.
  6. GORGEOUS WATCH-I have it and Love IT!!!I got it at Nordstroms Anniversary sale a few monthe back for 166.90-fantastic price.
    I wore her today and my girlfriend said it was a beautiful watch-I wear with a gold rolo bracelet:biggrin:
    So far no discoloration and looks like the day I bought it-please get it, but shop around for a sale
  7. I have the same watch in the oversized version---the oversized runway one in rosegold. I LOVE IT and get compliments all of the time. I have several other MK watches and they are great. I think they are great quality for the price. If you want the gold I think you could definitely find it cheaper. I paid $250 for mine in the rosegold, but that was just because its sold out most places. Maybe try the outlets or check online. I think you will love this watch. I have NO complaints on any of my MK watches!

    If you want modeling pics to show the size drop me a PM and ill post them on here so you can see---I know that I hated how everywhere online only show the watch and you have no idea of what it actually looks like on a wrist.
  8. I have an MK watch, but it's two tone stainless steel with some gold plating down the middle of the band. I have been wearing it for nearly a year, and I haven't experienced any fading at all.

    Definitely try it on, as there were so many I saw that I liked, but when I put them on, they just looked like ordinary or face was way too big for my wrist.

    MK are making some great watches.
  9. That's the problem I'm having too...my wrist is pretty small and I just got the new Rose Gold Chronograph and it seems TOO big...even the links are really wide....here's a pic (sorry it's fuzzy) but I love the color so much I am not sure what to do!

  10. Thank you so much ladies....Looks like I've made my mind up....I love love love this watch but will shop around for a better price....

    Now, my only "problem" is....Rose or yellow gold...the rose gold is beautiful.....decisions decisions...:P
  11. ^^^Rose!! It's gorgeous!! I have gotten so many compliments on it. At first I was hesitant since I know it's a trendy color, but the watch itself is fairly trendy so I figured why not! If you see them side by side in person it's hard to not pick the rose. Ever since I got my rose I hardly ever wear my gold ones =)
  12. Love your watches, ladies. And thanks for the tip about buying online! :graucho:

    I recently discovered the Michael Kors watches - I had to have the oversized tortoise shell! Then I bought a ToyWatch in the rose gold. Not so sure about ToyWatch, but the prices are so reasonable and I love the styles!
  13. Go for it! This watch looks fun and fashionable, and would be an excellent choice for you, especially since you wear YG. I am thinking about getting it myself to wear with other gold fashion jewelry (as a fun alternative to my SS Tank).
  14. I have that same style "the runway" in the silver stainless,the gold and the rose gold. I love them all, have had them for a bit and where them constantly. No fading, in fact they look better with time. I originally got my first one because of the large face and that the band resembles the Rolex likeliness so much that it allows me to wear them and preserve my Rolex to the wear and tear of everyday. I also love that they have the weight of the Rolex. You can't go wrong with any color. Also, the new ceramic bands that they have out are TDF.
  15. I got the mk5223 a year ago for Christmas and fell in love!!! After about 9montjs the rose gold started fading :sad:. Since I didn't buy it from Michael kors I figured I was out of luck!!! I searced through hundreds of forums and read the same complaint from everyone. A $250 watch shouldn't do this!!!

    I did however find a service center in Texas who specializes in Michael kors repairs. I would highly recommend calling them!! For 32 dollars which included shipping back they replaced the entire band, the cover plate in the center and gave me a new battery. Took 2 weeks and I have a brand new watch!!!!

    Metro service center in Dallas Texas!! Seriously recommend it if your watch is faded!! Email me if you need the number! Lextaggard@gmail.com
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