Michael Kors Kirby small locker / key

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  1. Hi ladies!

    I got this michael kors kirby mini YESTERDAY and I was playing with it when the key (that came with the purse) got stuck inside the locker that also came with the purse! So, I tried take it out, my fingers still hurts from it, unfortunately a piece of the key broke inside the locker and now i have this purse (not brand new - got it from The real real website) with no warranty, incomplete and I havent still pay for it yet!!! (Im paying it with affirm!!) I absolutely love the purse but I cant “live” with it without the key and locker even now knowing is only for decor! My question is, does anyone know where to find replacements for key /locker original? My mini is pink and the locker has pink leather on it! I already emailed the MK maintenance website in hope they have extras for sale, but if they dont, I would love to know where else tomfind them! Thank you!
  2. Maybe a jeweler or locksmith could remove the broken piece and open the lock. That way you can place it back on the bag as a decoration.

    It’s a simple lock so maybe a key can be made, or you can be shown how to pick it open by the repairer. Also another MK key of that time might be able to open it. The Kirby was released around summer 2016.
  3. I will try the locksmith! That was a great idea!!! Thank you so much!!!!