michael kors joplin grey and mocha leather tote

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  1. I am buying this purse at smartbargains (michael kors joplin grey and mocha leather tote), but not sure about it since this will be my first michael kors purse. anyone has the same bag? any opinion about quality, color, and this style? thank you everyone!

  2. Beautiful tote.

    I have nothing by MK but have seen the quality IRL and found it to be well made. I saw totes but they were too small with initials and I am not into initials all over a bag.
  3. It's gorgeous! Normally I'd wear black with gray, so brown with gray seems a little problematic as far as what shoes to wear.
  4. Don't have the bag, but it is gorgeous. Go for it!
  5. I love MK. The purses are great :tup:
  6. thank you all =) i'm waiting for the bag to come, probably next week. soon as i receive it, i will post my comment on the forum.