Michael Kors Jet-Set Continental wallet

  1. Does anyone have this wallet? I'd love to see some pictures it! I'm in need of a pretty, leather and affordable wallet so this one's on my wishlist.
  2. The zip-around? I got one in red around the holidays.

    Here you go!
    IMG-20111226-00749.jpg IMG-20111226-00750.jpg
  3. And how has your wallet been holding up ? Considering this :smile::smile:
  4. It's a work-horse. I've been using it almost daily and aside from some dark marks (which I can probably remove with leather cleaner), it looks and functions great. The gold-plating on the tag and zipper still look good, zipper moves effortlessly and all the seams are still in place. Great wallet!
  5. I loovvee this wallet! That red is amazing
  6. I have this wallet in navy blue, and it is by far my most favorite wallet. I have had mine about a year now and I still get compliments. The navy is the true navy color, it has the rich look.
  7. Thanks :smile:
    Dark marks ? Leather marks you mean ? Love this and cannot wait :smile:
    I am considering navy :smile: Thanks !
  8. This was my first MK purchase! I got this wallet in Tan and it's my first luxurious wallet purchase. It's so soft, and the zip is just so easy to use and never gets caught. I know this seems silly to mention but the card compartment slots are also just perfect as it lets me slide in my cards so easily that I don't find I have to jam it in like my other wallets! :smile: Love it!!
  9. No, just like dirt, normal wear and tear.