Michael Kors is buying Jimmy Choo for $1.2 Billion

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  1. There's something about this that I don't like.
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  2. I just heard about this in conversation at work... not sure how to feel about this. For whatever reason it doesn't feel like MK is looking to upgrade their brand image, it feels like JC is downgrading by falling under MK.

    Kors does mainstream really well and Jimmy Choo is well-known, but definitely not in the mainstream price point.
  3. Both brands needed this. In a few years, KORS will be a conglomerate of brands, well beyond just the namesake. With Choo at the top end of the luxury market, KORS appear to be copying the LVMH model who is also digitizing their business to take advantage of ecommerce growth, a global marketplace. I hope the integrity of the Jimmy Choo brand is maintained.
  4. I too hope the integrity and craftsmanship of the brand is maintained, but we know MK likes mainstream. It would be a shame to see Choos poorly made, with logos all over them in discount shops. I'm okay with a drop in pricing if all other things remain the same :biggrin::nuts:
  5. The news makes me sad. A little shallow but it's the end of an era for me. I'm hanging on to my three JC pieces but will not purchase any more. Michael Kors specializes in mass-produced, logo-covered items.
  6. Im hoping they just buy it and leave the designs alone. Volkswagen owns Bentley, and people don't complain about bentley downgrading or being cheaper. As long as they buy it and don't ruin it I'm fine with them owning it.
  7. I was so surprised! Thought it would've made more sense if it's the other way around, Choo buying MK, but oh well.. We'll have to see..
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  8. People have been concerned about the degradation of many designer brands, including Chanel.
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  9. I'm more surprised that Jimmy Choo is going to start producing a sportswear line.
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  10. Choo has been all over the place in recent years. Rather than focusing on its core shoe styles, it's diverged into an Alice in Wonderland kind of fantasy land. When bigger brands see a lost child, it's going to try to take over. The future of Jimmy Choo will all depend on how MK decides to lead it. It has the potential to improve its brand image, or if MK wants to make the products more affordable to the mainstream, it will naturally lose its luxury appeal.
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  11. They plan to maintain the luxury image but want to start investing in ready to wear. I was speaking to the COO of MK so that seems to be their plan onwards for the management of Jimmy Choo. They have been looking at what Tods has been doing with their growing apparel line.
  12. When do they take over Jimmy Choo?
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  13. They already have and are already planning their next acquisition... long term goal is to become another LVMH/Richmont.
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