Michael Kors is being IMPOSSIBLE!

  1. I decided I was in love with the large hamilton tote in tangerine (smooth leather not the embossed). I placed an order online on MK.com. I even paid for 2 day delivery. I got my bag and LOVED it, then I noticed that on the top rim of the bag, the "seal" on the leather edge was peeled off about a 4 inch section and the stitching was messed up there also. I called the MK customer service and the lady was great. She told me to box it right up, and take it to the post office. She said MK would refund me the cost for me to quick ship it back to them and would right away send me a non defective bag with 2 day shipping. She said as soon as they receive my bag they will immediatly send me the new one since its a defect and there are plent in stock. I got her full name also.

    So the next morning (the friday before last) I sent it two day shipping to MK which the CS rep said it okay and I got a reciept for the shipping. According to the post office it was delivered to MK last monday. I called MK last wednsday to see the status of my order...the man I spoke to was RUDE. He told me he has no idea if they got my "thing" back yet, and has no way to find out. He also said this "thing" (he kept saying thing, not bag) is now on back order so when they finaly get this THING (that they already have) they will reissue me a credit to my card within 14 buisness days. He says they cant just send me a new bag, I have to re-order....if I still want "this thing". He also has me fax them the reciept from the post office (which is what I expected to have to do) but said they may or may not refund my return shipping even if its defective.).

    Okay so I just got home from work and called MK to see if any update. I got a different woman than the first time and this lady was not helpfull at all. She said they STILL are not showing having my return yet (again, the post office confirmed delivery 6 buisness days ago). She said to call them back next money to see if they confirmed recieving it yet. So its sitting in a room for two full weeks before they even say "okay we got it". THEN she says, once they confirm they have it back, they can ONLY issue a credit back to my card which can take up to 14 buisness days to go back to my card. I can then re-order. So.....I get a seriously defective bag, am promised a speedy exchange with refund of return shipping....and then told twice after this that they WONT send me a new bag AND it can take up to 4 weeks for me to get the money back into my account to reorder???????????? I want to pull my hair out. Is this normal of MK? I dont ever EVER want to buy from them again!!!! I was going to purchase a pair of their shoes from Zappos (Zappos has bags but not this one/color) but now I dont even want to because im starting to hate this company. CRAZYNESS.
  2. MK is not known for their customer service unfortunately. I'm so sorry for this rotten experience. :sad:

    I realized soon after purchasing my first MK that it is not like Coach for customer service. I look at it as final sale and any issues are on me because I've heard of way too many horror stories about MK after sales customer service.

    It's so weird that the first lady was so nice - that shocked me. What you experienced on your second and third call is more what I would have expected.

    I don't blame you for not wanting to buy from them again. Perhaps you can try to find your bag from a dept store instead? The customer service has to be better than MK.

    Again - so sorry you have to go through this - it's inexcusable that they don't even know if your "thing" has been delivered yet. Sheesh.
  3. So sorry for your experience! That's horrible. I don't understand how so many people give different answers when they all work for the same company! It's total ignorance on the company's part.

    As for Zappos, well, they have the most phenomenal customer service I have ever experienced in my entire online shopping little life. Have you ever seen the Zappos commercials? With the puppets? And the Zappos reps are so helpful and sweet while the customer is completely satisfied? Zappos is LITERALLY like that! I think I've returned to them a total of three times (only because I didn't like the style or size, not because of anything they did), and they were the most pleasant people to deal with which is huge considering any type of customer service is like your experience with MK. So I'm telling you, if you see something you want on Zappos, order through them because if you have to call customer service, you aren't speaking to MK reps, you're speaking to Zappos reps. Remember the puppets ... ;)
  4. Macys.com has this style in stock... I agree you're probably better off ordering through a dept. store and get better CS. I know my Macy's is awesome with returns.

    Hope you get your refund soon!
  5. Thanks im glad to know its not just me! No dept store close to me has MK...I did hope macys.com had it but they only have the orange in the ostrich embossed leather not smooth. I did find it on Saks Fifth Ave website (seems to be the only site that has the smooth leather tangerine) ..how are they? Gr I wish I lived by any good stores lol!
  6. OH, I loveee ordering from zappos:p I just ment because the shoes are MK. I still might buy them though! At least i know if the shoes had problems even after a few wears that zappos would take care of it. I wish they had the bag I want because that would be perfect! but they dont...they only have it in the ostrich embossed tangerine (not my thing). I did finaly find the bag I want on saks website, thinking of ordering it there? I would hope they are better than these MK people...haha hope.
  7. Ugh, sorry about your crappy experience! I can't believe their CS people are that nasty...I love MK bags and watches, but I sure hope I never have a problem with one of their products!

    I hope you can find your bag somewhere else; I love that tangerine color!
  8. Sorry to hear about all the difficulties you're having with MK. Do you think you could maybe try asking for the other lady by name and hopefully you will be able to speak with her again? Maybe you could also send an e-mail addressed to her and hopefully she will see it and respond.

  9. http://www1.macys.com/shop/product/michael-michael-kors-handbag-hamilton-tote-with-gold-hardware?ID=528046&CategoryID=58063&LinkType=#fn=sp%3D3%26spc%3D122%26ruleId%3D52%26slotId%3D112

    Large Hamilton Tote with GHW, available in Tangerine (smooth) :smile:
  10. :biggrin: Thanks! I must be blind! lol So since I didnt think this bag was anywhere, I spent the last few hours after work looking at other tangerine bags...I found this one that looks awesome too. Its $200 more but Im thinking it might be even nicer than the MK one.....http://shop.nordstrom.com/s/tory-burch-robinson-double-zip-tote/3264555?origin=keywordsearch&resultback=120


    It doesnt look like it but the short handles wil fit over the shoulder. The long strap is removable.
    This bag is a bit larger than the MK too which is great for me.

  11. Thanks, I happen to call back today and I got the "THING" guy again. I really wanted to say something to him but bit my tongue. They now have my "thing" and I should get my $ by friday into my account. I LOVE the color also, all my bags are tan and brown so I need color! I found another tangerine bag from TB and posted a pic in this thread. What do you think between the two?

    I asked for her several times but I was told that they have no way of getting me to a specific CS rep...?....I dont know, Im so done with them. They have now gotten my bag and I hopefully will se my refund by friday.
  12. Sorry about your experience with MK that is really poor service:tdown:. I hope it works out and I love the TB bag! Go for it!
  13. Well, I'm glad they said they have your "thing" now so you can get your money back. I just cannot believe they have CS people like that, calling MK products "things." I think they really need to do some extra training with that guy!

    Eek, I like the MK Hamilton AND the Tory Burch...they're both gorgeous! To me, the TB bag has more of an east/west shape where the Hamilton looks more north/south. I'm more of an E/W gal myself, but I make an exception for the Hamilton...there's just something about it that I love. I bet you'd get better customer service with Tory Burch, but I've never used their CS so I can't say for sure.
  14. So sorry this happened. I had to get new links for a MK bag I had and I must say the girl I spoke to went above and beyond. Very nice on the phone and even got follow up email. Just got new bag at outlet in Jersey and the sales rep was soooo sweet she scored me a coupon for 20% off. I guess I've been lucky!:biggrin:
  15. Yeah Im not sure why this guy took this job, he sounds like its painful and irritating to talk to me. I am also an E/W kinda bag girl but I love that lock on the hamilton. Even looking past the defect Im questioning how well it would hold up, the edging on the whole bag was pretty sloppy and the stitching on the key cover had a big string hanging off of it. The TB bag is in the saffiano (uh something that looks like that lol!!) leather which is "scratch proof" because its very finely textured. The bag is also more structured because I know the hamilton will get slouchy. I use to hate the color orange when I was younger, but for some reason I think a tangerine leather bag is fantastic now, All of my other bags are tan and brown. Thanks for all your help btw:p