Michael Kors is abandoning the Whitney Stachel


Aug 24, 2019
I’m so sad Girls Michael Kors has stopped with the Whitney Stachel which I think was one of the most beautiful and functional bags of the brand.

It was spacious enough for your essentials but small enough to not carry way too much it wasn’t heavy and loved it’s versatility but sadly the MK won’t continue with it anymore.

They are keep going with the other Whitney the chain bag which could be a Crossbody or a shoulder bag but they stopped with the Stachel. And it’s even sadder for us who have it because now looks a little outdated.

I understand he needs to keep going with new designs but ughh why it had to be this one.? Another really cute bag the brand stopped doing in new collections was the Tatiana which was very similar to the Kelly bag from Hermès.

It’s really sad MK abandons a nice style for further collections.

I’d like to think he wants to renovate that Whitney with a new features I remember how much MK has changed the Mercer. First changing the look of the decorative lock then card slots to the bag and last adding the accordion feature so maybe he will just renovate it but if he doesn’t it was a really nice bag while it lasted.

The convertible shoulder bag which transforms into a Crossbody it’s still going now with Animal print and whole new stuff but sad he decided to not continue with the Whitney Stachel.

It stayed for three different collections but now it’s gone. I’m so bummed.

The last Whitney Stachel he did was the check board print and now bye bye to this gorgeous.
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