Michael Kors ID Chain Collection - Inspired by His Own Design?

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  1. So, something I've been wondering for a while now:

    I used to own a Michael Kors ID Chain Satchel bag. I found it on the rack at TJ Maxx (I posted about it here: http://forum.purseblog.com/handbags-and-purses/look-what-i-found-tjmaxx-today-so-excited-173706.html) The bag retailed for close to $1200. It was made of buttery soft, light weight leather and was lined with suede. The details were amazing.


    Lately, I've seen the Michael by MK ID Chain Collection

    Now I haven't seen these IRL, but judging from the pics, the leather looks different and the bags are not lined with suede.


    So, I guess I'm just wondering -- was MK inspired by one of his own designs and decided to create a lower priced version of the original? Was it that popular of a style that he felt he needed to make a lower priced version of the same bag with [probably] lower grade leather and less expensive details? Are the higher priced ones still available at all?

    I really loved the one I found at TJMaxx - I actually ended up returning it because I discovered that it had some water marks or stains on one side of the bag - I still kinda kick myself for having done that since it was such a good deal to begin with and I probably could have overlooked the stains!! I just don't think the current versions would be the same tho since he's changed what I loved most about the bag (the leather and the lining)

    Has he done this with any other styles? Just curious if any of his other lower priced Michael bags were actually inspired by higher priced versions he produced for his Collection line

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  2. Well I have the "cheap" (not by my standards) $500 one that I bought a couple of weeks ago and think it is an amazing bag with TDF leather. I never saw the collection one, but yes, I would think he decided to make a "cheaper" version that is not lined in suede. The shoulder bag here in Canada is $500 and the tote is $600 - hardly cheap for me. They have the logo linen lining.

    And yes, it has been a VERY popular line. I had to take the display model as it was the last one my store had. I called about 5 or 6 other stores to see if they had one I could exchange and they were sold out at every one. Bear in mind that I am in Canada and the only place to buy Kors here are the MK boutiques. MK is only carried here in one dept. store (Holt Renfrew) but they don't get many of his bags and HR is not a very big dept. store chain.
  3. ^^ It's funny, I JUST saw your new bag at my local HR on Friday, Chrissy :smile:! I guess they had to get more in :smile:!
  4. What is HR?? I can't believe I don't know. What store was that? I called Yorkdale, Eaton Centre, I think Sherway, Square One and none of them had it in any color. Maybe they are getting new shipments for Christmas or something. Oh, I called the outlet and they didn't have it.

    DUH!!!!!!!!!! HR = Holt Renfrew, right. I never think of shopping there for some reason. I don't really like the one here, and if things are the same price (which they are here), I'd always rather buy from the store whether it be Coach or MK or any other designer. I think I like having that personal relationship with an SA at a boutique so it never even would have dawned on me to call "HR". ;)
  5. I just noticed the ties on the ends of the bag are different as well
    they used to be tasseled and now they look like they're knotted leather
    I might check these out in person -- I'm not really a fan of the python embossed leather MK does, so maybe if he came out with the satchel in regular leather I might like it -- I just really regret returning the one I had
    It really was an amazing bag!
  6. Jessica Simpson had this bag as well in both the Brown and Ivory colors


    I think the Python version she had was also from the Collection line, altho I'm not certain -- anyone know if this MK Collection or Michael by MK?

  7. The python bag is Michael by Michael Kors. Retail was $428, I think.

    I owned an ID chain from the collection line and to be honest, I thought the MMK versions looked so cheap in comparison. And they are, obviously, but I was surprised how LQ the chain detailing seemed. I think the MMK version is more popular, though, so I'm probably alone in that opinion. I couldn't sell off the collection one to save my life and the MMK's were going for twice as much.

    I'm pretty sure he did the same thing with another style but I can't recall which one it was.
  8. OMG I am LOVING the python chain!!!!!!! I am now python queen at my office!!!! Wore python heels today, had my python bag, wallet, and MK python belt!!!!
  9. I always love reading your posts!!! You are so energetic and just a breath of fresh air on here!!:flowers:
  10. Those are just variations of that line, aren't they?
  11. AWWWWW thank you SO much!!!!! I really appreciate that! I love it here!
  12. The Heidi satchel was available last year for $1,295 in leather as part of the Michael Kors Collection...this year, it's available fro $448 in leather as part of the Michael by Michael Kors collection...

    The first picture is the MK version...the second is MbMK...

    < The bags are the same size...the picture file sizes are different! >

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  13. ROFLMAO!! Yup, HR = Holt Renfrew! I guess I got lazy .. LOL! When I am downtown, I like to pass through HR to see what is what. I actually had to pick up something from the LV in HR anyway, so I walked around to see the other departments and saw some of the yummy MK! I know what you mean though; I DO like to go to the actual boutique and have that relationship :smile:!
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    honestly, this issue is why i am done with MK bags. i hate that he essentially knocked himself off!

    i have a collection bag in the ID chain from last year. the quality is well above the chain bags he is making now. I can't stand his MK lining.

    i spoke to the SA in the MK boutique. they had maybe 3 collection bags and all Michael bags. she said he won't even do id chain in collection anymore. it's sad really, they were top quality bags to rival any of the high end designers. now the bags are a dime a dozen, on sale at macys, i saw a MK bag for $80 the other day.

    i know his styles are popular, but once you have a collection bag, the Michael ones just don't compare. i couldn't imagine paying $500 for one of them.

    the collection bags, IMO are worth the money. his python collection bags are awesome. i love them.

    i posted pics of my id chain collection bag on here at some point, i recall someone asking for pics. I will look for the link.

    this is all my own opinion, i know his michael bags have a lot of fans. i was very shocked seeing the michael id chain bags initially. now, i am just over MK. at least for the bags, i do like his watches.

    edited to add link: here is the link i posted on here of my id chain collection bag http://forum.purseblog.com/handbags-and-purses/who-has-a-michael-kors-id-chain-bag-465139.html#post11106590
  15. No, I definitely knew they were different, but I wasn't sure if he was no longer making them for the Collection or just the lower priced Michael by MK -- the two that Jessica Simpson carried in Brown and Ivory are from the MK Collection line & retailed for $1200. That's the same brown I had -- it's was buttery soft calf leather that was really light weight, it was lined with chocolate brown suede and the ties at the end were tasseled (not knotted leather like they are now). I can't say whether the chain detail is the same or not as I haven't really looked at the newer ones, but judging from the pics, I suspect they are (I can't remember, but it may have actually been brass -- I see that the newer ones are polished gold combined with tortoise shell or plastic/resin)

    So the Heidi followed the same route as the ID Chain, huh? Do you happen to know how big of a difference there is in the quality of the bags? Were the original (Collection) bags made from a higher grade leather and/or lined with suede like the ID Chains once were?