Michael Kors Holdall, LV rip off?

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  1. Was looking through a few fashion articles and found this. Is it just me or does that holdall look just like LV but not with the Monogram canvas??

    Also noticed the Marc Jacobs bag which Cameron Diaz had been carrying around lately, looks strangly like a Manhattan. Obviously thats because Marc designed both bags. I just don't understand the Michael Kors bag, is it the new fashion to copy bag styles from other designers? Just MHO.
  2. Marc had the Manhattan style in his collection before he put it into LV's.
  3. While that MK does look a lot like a Keepall, he's not the first to have copied it- Ralph Lauren, Burberry, and tons of other brands have Keepall-esque bags.
  4. MK constantly k/o's LV's. Almost embarrassingly so sometimes.
  5. There's so many copies by other designers of everything. I guess maybe it's hard to come up with new designs?