Michael Kors has a "pappillon" bag?

  1. I'm sorry if someone has already posted this. I saw a Michael Kors bag today that was an exact copy of the pappillon 19 (the body was...the handles were much shorter) done in brown canvas with his letters and brown handles. Oh well, that was all I had to say, nothing exciting happened to me today I guess!
  2. Any pictures?
  3. I would love to see pics!
  4. Also burberry has a "papillon" dont know about burberry bags names but I think it was called lola
  5. Sorry, I saw it IRL at Lord and Taylor, I went with my mom to help her pick a coat.
  6. Dooney and Bourke has a barrel bag that looks like it was taken from the pappillon
  7. I always thought other designers would try to be more subtle in copying. I didn't know those other designers had them also so I guess it's up for grabs now:noworry: .
  8. When I saw this subject line, I thought you meant you saw a photo of Michael Kors carrying one... ;)
  9. The barrel bag has always been around, Louis Vuitton didn't create the shape. But they sure do make a tough one to pass up compared to other designers! ;)
  10. I was not impressed with the signature MK line. I don't like their appearance. No, the Astor Bag in luggage - dying for that!
  11. I've seen the bag, it did remind me of the LV pappillon. Although I liked the shape, I did not care for the signature all over the bag. If it had been a solid color, I would have bought it.
  12. LOL...then I would have def got a pic!
  13. While at Macy's today I snapped a pic with my cell phone of the MK "pappillon" style bag.
  14. Hmm... I don't care for that at all, the handles seems too big for the bag and the fabric does not look to be my style either. Thanks for the photo!
  15. ITA!