Michael Kors hardware scratches?

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  1. Has anyone tried to polish scratches on the hardware with success? I received a Layton satchel, and the hardware on all the zipper pulls is really scratched.

    I've polished Coach hardware before with no issues. Not sure if polishing would do more harm than good, or if it would even make a difference. I believe the hardware for MK is 'gold tone', where as Coach is brass?

    TIA :biggrin:
  2. If the hardware is "gold tone", leave it alone. I, myself, can't live with scratched hardware either, so I usually buy bags that have brass. That way, the scratches can be smoothed out somewhat. But, if someone else has a suggestion, that would be great. I'd personally not touch it.
  3. ^ Thanks! I'm going to leave it alone, and it's going back to the orginal owner.

    Not only is the gold all scratched, among other things, I found a lovely surprise of some used tissues. :amazed: And a cough drop. This just grosses me out. :yucky: Oh, and it's in 'new' condition. lol

    But it would be good to know if there are any fixes for MK hardware. I still want a Layton, and there is a lot of gold on that bag that can get scratched up.
  4. I would love to know this too!!! BUMP!!!!
  5. I read that you can use a solf Polish cloth as well and also a solf bristle toothbrush with some non phosphate detergent do you guys think that could work to remove scratches or at least fade them?
  6. Most MMK bags with gold hardware are silver toned metal covered with a gold colored overlay. I'm not sure how it's produced, but when the gold overlay gets scratched, you'll see the silver toned metal underneath. I don't think it can be polished. The metal would have to be replaced.