Michael Kors Hamilton in Suede

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  1. #1 Oct 12, 2010
    Last edited: Oct 12, 2010
    So, I've had my eye on the Hamilton bag for a while, but I had read so many mixed things about the quality I was skeptical. Today, I spotted one I'd never seen before at Nordstrom's and had to scoop it up. It's a gorgeous walnut suede with silver hardware.

    Here's my question. Anyone have experience with Michael Kors' suede? Does it crack and come apart like the leather versions have? Or have I just been reading horror stories and this bag is as awesome as I think it is? I know it's not the most expensive bag, but it's easily a big expense for me. If it's going to fall apart I'd rather return it and spend the money on something that'll last.

    Thanks :smile:

    PS: I found it online here, it's sold out, but just so you can see!

  2. I saw this bag yesterday. It's pretty, but I would worry about the handle wearing and getting dirty since it's suede too.

    I have the Uptown Astor tote in walnut suede. I've used it quite a bit over the past three months and it is fine.

    You have to be careful of color transfer though! ;)
  3. That's something I hadn't even thought about! I always end up buying darker bags anyway. This is the first "light" bag I've purchased in ages.

    Has that been a bad problem with yours?

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    That's a pretty bag. Are you planning to use it as an everyday bag? If so, I wouldn't pick light color suede because it's so easy to pick dirt. If you decided to keep the bag, I recommend to use water proof spray before using. You can contact the company for their recommended brands of the spray. (or other MK ladies know better?) Some might darken leather a little. Also any spots/dirt should be brushed off right away.
  5. My bag has leather handles ;)
  6. LOVE it!!! I have a suede bag that is a few years old and wore pretty well....I sprayed it with the Michael Kors rain/stain spray recently and before I had that, I sprayed it with some stuff from a leather store. As long as you take care of it and spray it after you get caught it rain, you will be fine!!! ENJOY!!!! :smile:
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    Lovely bag but the handles would worry me. Actually, I haven't had great luck with keeping suede bags looking nice, and I'm pretty gentle on my bags. I love the little clochette thing. Very classy.
  8. thanks everyone!

    i definitely need to invest in some suede cleaner/spray. mine is slightly darker than the one in the photo, almost an olive tone to it, so if it gets a little dirty i'm thinking i should be alright. obviously, i'll need to take care of it.

    it's so gorgeous and such a gorgeous suede i'm pretty sure i'm going to keep it :smile:
  9. so, update, if you all are interested. i ended up exchanging this for the mocha leather color :sad:

    i made a point of only wearing it with light colors (like kakhi pants and white t-shirts) and the back of the bag started turning green! luckily, nordstroms was AWESOME about letting me exchange it. waiting for my new bag, hopefully it's just as amazing.

    they had it in chocolate suede when i took my walnut suede one in, but i had to stop myself from snatching it. i LOVE the texture of suede, but it's just not for me :sad:
  10. Are you saying you are getting the chocolate brown leather Hamilton? I'm insanely jealous - I saw that at the store last night and it's freaking gorgeous!!!!! A much better choice than the suede - I think it's much prettier and will definetely be more durable. The leather on the Hamilton is bullet proof.

    You must post pics when you get that beauty!! Did I say insanely jealous!! CONGRATS!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. crissy11, yes!! it's technically called mocha, i think. as soon as i get it i will post photos! also, if you want one for yourself check out lord & taylor's website. right now it's 25% off everything, including mk bags!!!
  12. I'm in Canada with no L&T and the sales either never apply to us, or else the duties and shipping taxes are phenomenol, or the stores don't even ship here.
  13. crissy 11, that stinks :sad:
  14. More than you can possibly imagine. I have to buy all my bags from the MK store at full price - and the Canadian prices are way higher than US prices. I think my Hamilton was $398 + 13% tax so $450.00!!
  15. what?! they're gorgeous bags, so it's worth it, but that's still no fun!