Michael Kors Giraffe Tote!

  1. So yesterday I passed by a store I had never noticed before. I was on such a mission to get to chanel :heart: that I almost didn't even see it! I've never been a big MK fan (for bags) in the past. But I do have this thing for Giraffes! :love: (I've also never been a big dooney fan, but they too, got my attention with their giraffe bags!)

    So I'm walking along and as I pass the store I see it out of the corner of my eye! :wtf: I actually had to look up to see what store I was infront of! (its a newer store) So I backed up a few feet & went into get a closer look! Its a nice bag! Really roomy, w/ double snap closure & gold harware. It come in three sizes, with three very painless pricetags! (the large is $298.00)

    Anyway I haven't purchased either and I don't know if I will, but I still found it cute and thought I would share! (MK does have a great cosmetic case in this line, maybe I'll just buy that and get my spotted animal fix that way!):p
  2. I too love Giraffe and I love love love that bag! :tup:
  3. I like a good bag that combines black and brown because like everyone knows I ALWAYS wear black and never wear brown, but I do have some brown jewelry that's safari style (so glad that's "in" for spring!) and its nice to have something to tie it all together. Plus the 2 times a year I might actually wear brown, I never have a bag!
  4. Love it. I love giraffe print and zebra too.
  5. I'm not a fan of animal prints, but giraffe sure looks cute!
  6. it is cute but I am not a fan of animal prints
  7. I love animal prints (I never used to, but then in the past 5 years I've started loving them for some strange reason, not sure why). The giraffe is great!
  8. Here is the picture of the one I bought today. I love these purses! :yahoo:I really wanted the Dand B purse I have seen everyone carrying, after I saw this today Iwas in love. I wish of would have seen the one in the previous picture, I would have bought it instead. :heart:
    my new purse.jpg
  9. what materials are these bags made of? They sure are cute!
  10. I'm not a big fan of animal prints but this one is pretty cute.
  11. I love giraffes and MK bags! I think these are really cute.

    Great bag, nipmats! That's such a great size purse. :smile:
  12. Of all animal prints, giraffe's my favorite! Go for it!
  13. Hello,

    Just thought I would share...here's a pic of this MK collection from the catalog.

    best wishes, BeautifulBasics:heart:

  14. I"ve never been a fan of animal prints but I LOVE the giraffe! Gosh I don't know if I could pull it off but I sure would admire it on someone else. :smile:

  15. Beautiful Basics, thanks for posting the pics. I laughed when I saw them, because here was my scenario with the MK Giraffe Collection:
    Initially, I purchased the tote on the left, the one with the gathered handle. I then returned it because I wasn't that thrilled with the handle although I loved the print. I never thought about the bag again. Then, at another store, I saw the hobo on the right and purchased it. Kept it. Love it. Everytime I carry it, I get loads of compliments.
    Nipmats, but you, you girl got the one that I would have loved to have had! Lucky you! Enjoy! It's my understanding that this one closes with a zipper.

    Thanks again, Beautiful Basics, for sharing the pictures with us! Actually, I wasn't aware that there was a collection! So, now I see all of 'em! What fun!