Michael Kors from thrift store

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  1. Can you please help me authenticate this bag. This is thrift store find. The bag really feels substantial but I am not sure if this is authentic or not. Thank you!
    23D87F02-4E84-4B0A-A153-59953A2B4AC7.jpeg 37C7DC1E-FB2B-4D63-B7DD-60D702F77E46.jpeg 82D92371-7D54-42E3-B62C-7CA0B7060576.jpeg FB0E18C0-E4A8-4F0E-8262-612D9C7CA6A8.jpeg 3535DB99-EACC-4285-A2F3-B92EC58F599B.jpeg C2327A9C-6E5C-41AB-9CDB-4543472B4303.jpeg 39615DF4-123A-4B63-9763-AE2E1041358C.jpeg 6835E833-FAD0-40A1-95DF-A8C60BC966CC.jpeg
  2. any questions about authenticity should be posted in the Authenticate this Michael Kors.