Michael Kors for kids!

  1. I purchased the sandals posted below in the "adults-sizes" last year, but returned them because I didn't feel that they were worth the $130 (I think that's how much they cost) for them.

    Well, this past weekend, I was in Nordstrom with a friend. I excused myself to go to the bathroom, and walked by the same sandals, but for KIDS! I'm a woman's size 6, but find that I can fit into kids size 5. Luckily, they had the size 5 sandals, and I bought them for....$39.95! It was my steal of the weekend. So happy :graucho: !

  2. OMG, seriously??? Are they comfortable??? They look so cute
  3. wow, really a bargain!!!:lol:
    the sandals are really cute, very classy!
  4. They are super comfy. I got them at the Tyson's Nordstrom (seeing how you're from VA).
  5. Yep, i know exactly where the kids section is, right near the ladies' lounge. heheheh.
  6. Haha ;) ! I usually breeze by there, but they were strategically placed...the gold caught my eye and I had to stop!
  7. cool deal
  8. may be we'll bump into each other one day by the kids section :biggrin: