Michael Kors Fall 2010 -couple of bags

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  1. [​IMG]


    That satchel bag looks lovely but I am not sure if it wins me over nuff to get it over the new mulberry a/w alexa satchel however i still find myself smiling looking at it! That second picture manages to look understatedly sexy and chic at the same time - I'd take the whole outfit :yahoo:

    What do you guys think?
  2. I really liked the show, as a whole - although, I wish it had been faux fur, not real...

    I also really like that satchel. :biggrin:
  3. damn I *thought* it was faux fur..Hmmmm
  4. ^ As I say, I wish it was. :yes:

    Shame more R-T-W designers don't work with faux fur, as the best quality stuff can be really convincing, these days, can't it?
  5. I just saw a Kors bag in Nordstrom today. The leather was lambskin (priced at $445!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) and I almost couldn't take it off! It stayed at the store only because of the wide opening. I like top closure bags personally. It was the one with the chain detailing on each side and his name plaque centered (which I don't care for - could do without). But again, the bag was super scrumptious!!
  6. I love the first bag, it's the perfect size and color.
  7. The first one gives people a casual feeling and by carrying the second one, it gives off a sense of nobility.:coolio:
  8. It's hit or miss with me for MK. I am not a big fan of these 2. The first one looks too manly, and for the second-I am not a big fur fan.
  9. I like the first one a lot. Wonder what other colors it will come in?
  10. i love that 1st one!
  11. I'm liking several of the spring bags, especially the totes.
  12. i find the 1st one a tad too masculine.
  13. :drool:

    I want them both!!!
  14. Oh my gosh!!!! I love it very much!!! It's soooooo beautiful!! :nuts::nuts::nuts: I want to have one!