Michael Kors fakes?

  1. Are there fake Michael Kors bags? I was going to buy the Brookville Hobo and looking on eBay for the deal. Do I have to worry about fakes?
  2. don't know whether there are fakes but comparing the links I'd say there are different versions of each style. cannot guarantee whether kors on eBay is fake or not, but I don't think it is worth faking the michael by mk line. I think the reason why you can find so many m by mk bags on eBay is because they reduce them a lot on sale and then offer a newer version of the same style. I have an astor bag which is my everyday day bag because it is so huge and sturdy, and there are lots of version of the astor. I haven't seen mine on the michael kors website because I don't think they offer it anymore.

    sorry, hope this helps.