michael kors decision

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  1. i'm thinking about getting a new michael kors bag...the three i've narrowed it down to are:
    camden tote in navy
    beveryly drawstring satchel in navy
    webster large shoulder tote in red
    you can see them at: michaelkors.com
    any thoughts?
  2. anyone!!!?
  3. Do you have pics? I am not overly familiar with MK, but his bags are nice.
  4. My least favorite is the Beverly satchel. I bought 2 one day and took both back. The hardware and the drawstring drove me nuts. It wouldn't lay flat. I couldn't get it adjusted right. When I returned it, the SA apparently had heard my complaint before or knew it without someone saying anything. She agreed.
  5. Greenport, Fultin, Erin are very nice. I have seen them all IRL at the MK boutique and Nords.
  6. Out of those three, I prefer the Beverly.
  7. I would kill for that red bag!! LOVE IT!!!
  8. i actually have the drawstring in the shoulderbag in black and i love it....i get a ton of compliments on it and people think it's a very expensive bag...the leather is tdf and the hardware is great...i've actually had no problems with it laying the wrong way or getting into the bag...maybe that's because it's the shoulder bag style and not the satchel?
    i love the red bag, too...not sure what to do! AARAGHH!!! too many choices!
  9. Which color would you get more use with the colors you normally wear?
  10. I'm drooling over a Webster in wine or bronze, but the Camden looks like a very practical every day bag.. I love so many Michael Kors designs I could go broke if I purchased all the ones I like. Go with what color you lack in your accessories and if you want an every day bag or a bit dressier with fewer pockets.
  11. Always liked the look of Michael Kors bags...Honestly can't say which one I like best. Lots of great choices.