Michael Kors Deals & Steals Thread-NO Chat/Questions

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    Please post all of your Michael Kors Deals & Steals to this thread, including stores and auctions.
    Have a coupon code to share that can be used on a MK bag, pair of shoes or some clothing? Add it here
    Find a deal on a MK items? Is it heavily marked down? Share as many of the details here!
    Keep limit posts to MK related deals & steals only
    Happy Shopping!

    Chat about the deals you see here:

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  9. There is a lovely selection of MK bags at lastcall.com. And additional 30% off discounted prices this weekend only.
    I just p/u the MK Chain Hobo for $170 (retail $398).
    There is also a free shipping code available FSLAUNCH
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