Michael Kors colgate bag- last year?

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  1. I am a color girl- preferably magenta. But I need a nice black, decent sized bag. My style runs a bit edgy and creative, as I have a window designer/workroom business. I have been hunting for an occasional use bag for weeks now. While Christmas shopping, I found a Michael Kors bag at TJMaxx for $130.00, retailing for $348. It has two kinds of leather- pebble and smooth, 4 buckles on the front with two pockets. Would you spend this much? Do you think it will still work next year? I have two Perlina bags in a similiar knock-off of the classic Marc Jacob's bag. Is it time to move on or consider it a signature style? Thanks for your input.

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  2. I like it ... the price is good and the shape is very classic. It's not overly embellished so it will still look good for next season. If you like it and know that you'll use it then keep it:smile:
  3. I agree...very classic and good price, good quality
  4. I bought the same one, only in tan!!!
    I was debating keeping it as well, as I really wanted it in black. Go figure you found it...
  5. Actually, I JUST bought a MK bag. (And how can you not? They're soooo cute and look very hard wearing.) I bought the black hobo with pebble leather (Concrete Jungle Hobo) and I believe that you'll like the one you bought as well. For me, it was the same scenario. I have lots of nice bags, but I just wanted something to sling around when I'm dashing out of the house and I didn't want anything heavy or REALLY expensive so I wouldn't have to worry constantly about something happening to it. Not only that, but it's black which is good for me cause I tend to attract messes.
    As another poster said, it's not overly embellished so you should be good next season and it's black, which NEVER goes out of style!

  6. I really like the Michael by Michael bags..The quality is really nice! And like everyone else mentioned the bag ya picked is a classic!
  7. I am getting ready to list the black on ebay. I paid 298 for it at Dillards. Still have the cover bag as well. I carried it for maybe a month. Have had it professionally cleaned inside and out. Only wear is on the buckles. If anyone interested make me an offer. Taking pics so can always email if want
  8. I really like the style of the bag and the contrast of the leathers and that is a great price!!!