Michael Kors Buckle Front-Flap Shoulder Bag $418.20 @ NM - Classy!

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  1. Thanks! Is that a link you saved? It annoys me that one can do a search on their sale items, and things come up in the results that are ALREADY OUT OF STOCK, and yet there are things that DON'T come up in the results that are still available!!!

  2. No...It wasn't a saved link. It was available when I posted it but it's gone within seconds! Like me, there are probably many who are refreshing the handbag sale page every few seconds. Sorry...keep watching and it may reappear. I always stay signed into my account so that when/if I see something on sale that I want, I can hopefully get through the checkout before someone else beats me to it!!!
  3. Well, that's weird, because it was still available, yet not coming up in a keyword search for "kors" for me. Maybe if I had just looked at the handbag sale page it would've appeared.

  4. I never perform a keyword search but rather stay on the handbag sale page and continue to refresh every 10-15 seconds.