Michael Kors Berkeley bags

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  1. Nice bags for the $$$. This is the shopper for $378.

    This is the shoulder for $298
  2. oh i am lovin that!
  3. The bags also come in black or white.
  4. Here is a nice option if you like silver hardware. It's Michael Kors' Diablo satchel for $298
    This bag also comes in black or white too.
  5. It's very pretty in white.
  6. This is another nice Michael Kors bag - It's the double pocket duffle for $328. It also comes in black.
  7. 0o0o, i totally love the brown and white one!!! 0o0o0o and that one!
  8. Great bags. Thanks for sharing. Just wish they were big bags!
  9. These are beautiful choices Kat!:love:
  10. Pretty!
  11. Michael is channeling Marc on that last bag!