Michael Kors Benning Large Satchel

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  1. Hello everyone,
    I love this forum and was following it for some time, found great advice and now I decided to join.
    I am wondering if anyone owns MK Benning Large Satchel? Willing to share some thoughts about it and your satisfaction with the bag?
  2. [​IMG]
    This one to be precise.
  3. My sister has it and it’s really nice and surprisingly lightweight. I’ve hold her bag once in a while and it’s really easy to carry it.
    If you want a stylist large bag and light go for this, Also the Whitney stachel is super light. Believe me the weight is always an issue no matter for what you use your purse.

    Let me tell you my stories with the medium Mercer crossbody

    1 the first. I loved it my only issue it’s that it wasn’t black, I always go for the blacks I prefer go safe with my handbags colors. I still wore like a lot but once I got my black one with color letters, I re sold my first one which hunter green and had pebbled pebbled leather.

    My second Mercer, i first loved it and then hatted it because of the weight it was way too heavy even though it was the small one which they call medium hehe. It was the one which turned on and that single battery case made the bag so heavy.

    Now I got the accordion crossbody which is my current Mercer crossbody and this one I really love it, it’s perfect for me and The color I wanted.
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  4. Yep, weight is an important factor to me too, especially when there is a lot of walking to do. I didn’t mind it as much if just going from the car to the workplace.
  5. Yeees, like when you are going on vacation and you are carrying your bag everywhere or going to the mall you need a light weight bag.