Michael Kors bags

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  1. Zappos carries a similar style by Michael Kors I recently returned. I also used to own one a Michael by Michael Kors bag (from his lower priced line).

    Personally I don't think the line is worth the price. The bags are typically heavy. I didn't think the leather felt particularly soft.

    I had a Michael by Michael Kors satchel (from his lower priced line) that didn't hold up well. In a few months it looked like I had it for ten years.

    Hopefully form other people here have had a better experience with this brand. It is not my favorite but I gave it another try recently because he came out with a style that caught my eye.
  2. ^^I have seen some in stores and they never caught my eye. I think it was the chocolate brown on this one. But that did seem to be kind of a high price for Michael Kors!
  3. Wasn't it Michael Kors who was responsible for the Celine "Boogie bags???
  4. i'm having a michael kors bag sent to me tomorrow...i saw it in a different color irl and it was to die for...zippers, hardware (silver that i love) squishy leather and made VERY well...it should be here by the weekend...will let you know when it arrives!
  5. ^^Please let me know what you think! What bag and colour did you get?
  6. Is it a heavier bag, or lighter weight? You'll have to post pics when you get it - I wonder about the quality compared to a bag like say, the Balenciaga City bag (med). They're both around the same price, and if I saw the two side by side, I'd probably choose the Balenciaga, unless the quality of the MK far surpassed that of a Balenciaga. To me, it just doesn't look like a $1300 bag.
  7. i understand how you feel...i owned a balenciaga city bag and it didn't wear well...the bbags are gorgeous and when i went to the balenciaga forum people were very helpful there...i ordered another bbag and it just didn't work for me...and i ordered a prada gauffre which didn't look great on me...this bag (MK) is lightweight, chic, great leather, gorgeous hardware, well made, the SA was EXTREMELY helpful and it can be returned, although i did see irl in a different color and fell in love with it then and there...hope this helps!!!!
  8. I have this bag in brown color and like it a lot.


    The bag is very well made, with bronze leather lining; though heavy. I got it new for less than $200 and I think it was the right price :smile: $1300 retail for this bag is ridiculous.
  9. Novo--

    Man, where did you get a deal like that? That's amazing.
  10. novo, is your's michael by michael kors, or michael kors?
  11. Michael Kors, not MbyMK.
    I got mine from eBay but I saw these bags for $250 at Nordstrom Rack just a few weeks ago. Also, there was a post about seeing this bag at Loehmans.
    You may want to check eBay, for example this is the real bag, IMHO

    As you may see from pictures ,this bag comes in two different sizes. I have the smaller one and it is big enough.
  12. I have that bag too and paid about $250 for it at Loehmann's.

    Kimmi: Here are some similar styles to the one you like