Michael Kors bags

  1. Hi there, anyone into Michael Kors? I happened on a little one called Santa Fe Bar Bag and fell in love!
  2. Yes! I picked up this HUGE tote bag at Saks a while ago - it's so great for traveling!
  3. I have one, oops, two! Michael Kors bags. One is the Greenwich tote, I think, the one that's similar to the Boogie. Very well made, and I can put a ton of stuff in it. I always forget how much I like it until the next time I use it! I have a brown one, but I'd definitely add different colors to my collection.
  4. I have a couple of Michael Kors bags from a few seasons ago. I love his bags! The prices are reasonable and the quality is great!
  5. I'm a huge fan of the Astor. Beautiful leather, lines, construction, and inside pockets and details. I have the claret.
  6. I have the Astor in luggage and agree - it's a beautiful bag for the price point.
  7. That's a gorgeous color. :love:
  8. I think Michael Kors are of very good quality given the price. I love the glendale bag from few seasons ago.
  9. I have two of his pebbled leather purses from two years ago...
    one is black with silver hardware (a hobo) and the other is a light purplish color with a front pocket (more structured)-- I bought the purple one after I noticed how cute it looked with everything I own! They are durable, non-flashy "everyday" purses.