michael kors bag

  1. i found a michael kors pouchette/wristlet at tj maxx for clearance at $43. is that a good deal??? and while shopping at tjm, i really can't bear the pain of my back from my coach hobo :tdown: bad scoliosis!! so tiny bags are perfect...
  2. I think so. His wristlets typically start at around $128 so that is more than half!

    Don't you love finding a good deal? :love:
  3. I have two MbyMK bags and had a wristlet but lost it, post pics! and yeah, good deal!
  4. If it's leather, it's a great deal.
  5. yep tonij!!! i'll post pix!!
  6. I just love the leather on anything M by MJ.....never saw a wristlet by him, but I think you can't go wrong.
  7. oooh, that's a great deal! I am going to have to head to my tjmaxx tomorrow ;)
  8. Sounds like a good price for MK.
  9. Great deal!
  10. I have a MbyMK wristlet that I got on sale for around $50 I think (orig like $80 or something) so I think it's pretty good, especially if it's leather.
  11. as promised here's the pic:
    michael kors.jpg
  12. Cute and a great deal! My local TJ Maxx gets some M by MK too.
  13. thanks everyone! i love it too!! i cram all my things inside!! LOL! what i love about it it's made of real leather ;)