Michael Kors bag for $104

  1. michael kors.jpg
  2. Wow! That's a ridiculous deal. :wtf:

    Too bad they don't ship to Canada. There are a few other cute purses I noticed too! Someone snap this up!
  3. No the code should work today is the last day of the sale, when you click on the link I gave you, you will see the code SV89 in the upper left corner. Try it again.
  4. add the item to your bag, go to check out, continue checkout, put code where it says promotional code, hit apply code to total and then you will see the $104 off in the bottom where the totals are. IT just worked for me
  5. If the code doesn't work call them they will tell you to buy the bag on line and then they will adjust it while you are on the phone. It will be reflected in your on line order immediately. I purchased a Rafe Sienna Shearling Hobo (500.00 new retail) for 99.00 2 days ago!
  6. such a great deal! i am tempted to buy one more before end of day
    i got three already
    help i am going crazy! but SUCH a deal!
  7. I thought today was the last day also, but the sales rep on the phone said internet sale ends tomorrow. In store sales end today. It depends on how much you want to keep checking the website, but I have been studying it the last few days and some of the more popular items that show unavailable appear back on the site. (like the MK Santorini tote) You just have to keep checking. That said you have to grab them when you see them. I am still kicking myself for hesitation on a Cynthia Rowley large quilted tote that was dirt cheap ($100) in fact it was even double that price for one I saw at marshalls. I went to the Bloomies at PGA in WPB over the weekend. They only had 1 Furla tote, not much eles. The SA said all the Coaches get taken by the employees and that the store in Boca Raton has a much larger selection. Don't know what's left though. I'm having more luck now at the site.
  8. Good to hear the internet sale is on until tomorrow. I have had that same experience with Bloomies, I wanted a Cynthia Rowley bag and it said it was sold out but I kept checking all day and was able to get it, so don't give up.

    Gingarita: I agree. I couldn't pass them up. These sales are dangerous.