Michael Kors BACKPACK

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  1. Share your Michael Kors Backpack here with me. :smile::smile::smile:

    Anyone is using Lana Hair Calf and Embossed-Leather Backpack? Kindly share your reviews on this bag with me. ;)
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  2. looooove it!!! Backpacks are so "in" right now, and they are so functional especially in the larger than mini sizes. Unfortunately I don't have this so I can't help you but I look forward to seeing some reviews and/or mod shots:smile:
  3. Just got the Junnie MK Backpack in Pearl Grey at Macy's for $127
  4. I just bought rhea backpack in blue medium size. It's not too big and not too small.
    IMG_20181011_004352_HHT.jpg IMG_20181011_102920.jpg
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