Michael Kors Authentication

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  1. Can anyone authenticate this MK Bag for me? I purchased at a consignment shop. Thanks.

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  2. There is an authentication thread you can post this in if you have a post count of 25+ [emoji4]
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  3. All requests for evaluations should be posted in the ATMK thread which is a sticky in the top portion of this page. Please read the 1st post of that thread for the proper format to request an evaluation. I do require a member to have a minimum of 25 post count before I evaluate their bags. I require this so that new members may familiarize themselves with the forum & the format. Thank you.
  4. Hi I bought a mk purse from someone awhile ago and I never used it so I sold it as "new mk purse" and a lady bought it off me then a week later said it was fake and that she wanted her money back, I wasn't aware that it was fake because I know nothing about them. Could I go to jail for that? I told her I wasn't sure if it was real or not
  5. Just refund her the money & take the bag back. If necessary, get the bag authenticated through a paid service if there's doubt about it authenticity. If the bag is not genuine, you can destroy it. You won't go to jail for selling one bag you did not know was a fake.
  6. You can always take it to your closest MK Lifestyle store. There's usually a manager there that is dedicated to brand and will be more informed.
  7. Always make sure your MK is 100% authentic to avoid this with a few extra steps before purchasing. Ignorance is no excuse. *You can go to jail for many things, including Intellectual property crimes. I cannot stress this enough only buy from reliable trusted source and know for yourself before buying. No exceptions to this rule. None. Give her money back and issue an apology. These things are monitored, especially if a complaint is made. There are task forces to do nothing but seek and destroy fake counterfeit goods.

    *For information purposes only*
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  8. Can anyone authenticate this MK bag for me? I am planning to purchase this since i can't find anything like it anymore.
    SERIAL NUMBER: Date Code only AP -1209
    Link (if available): none
    Seller: my friend
    Who took the pictures: my friend
    History of the bag: brand new given to her as a gift by her aunt but its an unwanted gift and she is offering it to me
    Can you tell me what specific color is this?
    It doesn't have the tag and care card. It also does not have a serial number. I believe this is a 2012 model.

    The one i saw in the internet is nickel but it has silver hardware. This one has gold hardware.
    I'm a bit skeptical since I can't find the specific model number this is.

    For me, it looks legit but I'm not an expert.
    Hope to hear your response to my inquiry.
    IMG_1481516090.733833.jpg IMG_1481516121.063773.jpg IMG_1481516170.513769.jpg IMG_1481516203.813316.jpg IMG_1481516243.013190.jpg IMG_1481516304.945629.jpg IMG_1481516357.261589.jpg IMG_1481516400.180097.jpg
  9. NOTICE: Please direct all authentication requests to the Athenticate This Michael Kors thread thumb tacked at the top of the page. Creating a new thread asking for verification of authenticity only clutters the forum with unnecessary threads. Thank you for your understanding,
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